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Hermanus Estate on the Hudson River
263 Friends Lake Rd.
Chestertown, NY  12817

Welcome to the Adirondacks

Vacation Rental


Hermanus Estate is centrally located and speaks for itself.  Activites are extensive.  Events are multiple with four season sports, some indoor, some out conveniently within reach.  It's in a mountain and lake district which, incidentally, has quite a bit of history.  

This property is extremely special to us as it is a combination of a civilized property nestled along a beautiful river with a fantastic view of an unexplored Gage Mountain which makes this a very special destination.  Nature and sophistication are enjoyed simultaneously and almost worshipped.  Enjoy nature by listening to the birds, wind in the trees, and running water.  


Ken and Susan reside on the property in the summer; and, John and Sue reside all year long with their two beautiful dogs - Lucy and Ruby (Labs).  John and Sue are the Caretakers and they assist in maintaining the property to a superior standard with special interest given to its gardens.  


Unusual for an Adirondack property is the Torii Gate, Koi pond, and waterfall.  We wish to maintain its peaceful nature and enjoy the ambiance.  We hope you do as well!   

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