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General Information:

1.  Sanitization, before you arrive, includes comforters, blankets, sheets, countertops, doorknobs, sinks, showers, etc.

2.  Keep us informed when you plan to arrive so we may turn the heat/air on for you.

3.  Bathrooms:  

a.  Full bath in Carriage House

b.  half bath downstairs through the garage - diagram in House Binder

Full bath in the heated workshop - diagram in House Binder

4.  Bug Spray - bring your own as the Estate is near the water and in the woods.  

5.  Caretakers:  John & Sue:  Feel free to contact; Sue's e-mail is

6.  Owners:  Ken & Susan:  To contact Susan, e-mail: or 518-263-0906

Guest Registration:

1.  Only those who are registered will be allowed to stay.  Additional guests may be approved; however, if not, there will be an additional $50 per person per night.  

2.  A photo ID or government ID is required to register.  

Property Policies

1.  Walking the property is permitted but only at your risk as there are rocks, logs, water, animals, etc. throughout the property.  

2.  "Campsite" is on the Hudson River; however, be careful and wear water shoes as the rocks are very slippery.

3.  There are many items that are personal property at the campsite, so do not use them unless John or Sue permits your use.

4.  Outdoor fire pit at the 'overlook' (down the driveway) where you may sit and enjoy the view and fire in the summer.  Always put the fire out as we do not wish a fire on the property.  

5.  Gazebo:  You may use - no smoking.

6.  No smoking on property, including cigarettes, cigars, vaping, e-cigarettes, etc.

Cleaning Policies:

1. Every item is accounted for (list in House binder).  If you break it, let us know.

2.  To keep cleaning costs down, remove the bedding and place it on the floor in each room, and place the towels on the bathroom floor.

3.  Dishwasher:  Load and start the dishwasher (tablets are provided).

4.  Refrigerator:  Clean out unused food.  Some supplies have been provided for you.  

5.  Make sure the rooms are "broom clean".

6.  Place all trash, except for cans and water bottles, in the appropriate receptacles that are located outside the workshop.  Place the lid on tight as bears are in the area and they have been known to open up the trash.


Various supplies are provided.  If you run out, feel free to contact Sue as they reside on the other end of the Carriage House.


No partying or loud noises after 10 p.m.

Outdoor Grill:

May use during Spring/Summer/Fall - not available during the winter.  Must use outside in its location and must clean up afterward due to bears, etc.

Pets (NO cats):  Fee of $20 per pet per day.

1. Since there are dogs on the property in various sizes, your dog MUST relate well to other dogs and people - NO pit bulls, Dobermans, or any aggressive dog.  

2.  Dogs are not allowed on the furniture - MUST utilize the crate (provided) when away.  If your dog likes to be on the furniture with you, bring a clean blanket with you.

3.  You MUST pick up after your dog at all times and your dog MUST be on a leash at all times.

4.  If your pet chews or damages any item in the Carriage House, you will be responsible for replacing the item or having it fixed.

5.  Ensure your dog is on Flea & Tick medicine as there are plenty in the area.

Garages and Outbuildings:

1.  Workshop:  If you wish to utilize the heated workshop for your skis or other sports equipment, ask John or Sue.  Use only the designated area as there is personal property in the workshop as well.  

2.  Garage under the Carriage House:  All of this is personal property.  Do not use it unless you ask John or Sue.

3.  Back Garages and Outbuildings:  Do not enter - private storage.  

Questions - ASK!  We are only a phone call away or in the adjoining buildings.

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